Data Entry Jobs Work From Home For Student: Earn 50k-1 Lakh Per Month

In this article, we will know in detail about Data Entry Jobs Work From Home For Student and will know what are data entry jobs, how many types are there, what are the skills required to do data entry job, what are the best sites for doing data entry and what are the benefits of doing data entry, we will we will know in detail.

Data Entry Jobs Work From Home For Student

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  • Below I have told about many websites, by using which you can earn a good amount of money every month

What are Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry is a job in which you get money just by simply entering data and the data will be given to you by the company which can also be in PDF format, after looking at it you have to write and enter the data where the wrong word has to be changed into correct word has to be written and when your work is completed company has to pay the amount.

Types of Data Entry Jobs?

There are various type of data entry jobs available:-

1. Numeric Data Entry: Numerical data entry is a type entry in which you have to enter numerical data only. Accurate numerical data entry plays a critical role across multiple industries, including finance, accounting, retail, and scientific research.

2. Textual Data Entry:- In textual data entry you just have to enter the text correctly, any small mistakes in it have to be changed. In Textual data entry, give you a case file or a book or even a customer care call record you have to write in proper format with accuracy. The company gets this work done to properly restore its data.

3. Online Form Filling: You can also earn money by filling online forms, as nowadays you know that people are so crazy for government jobs, everyone goes to cyber to fill their online forms. You have to do this work online, students will send you their documents, you just have to fill their form and give it to them and in return you have to keep some charge for that.

4. Database Data Entry: In database data entry, you have to enter the data from time to time, maintain it, manage the data timely and see that the data is correct. You will have to take care that the data is accurate and no manipulation of the data.

5. Image and Document Conversion: Image and document conversion means changing the data from one format to another. We change from one format to another so that we can go it digitally and make it convenient so that our work becomes easier.

6. Data Cleaning and Verification: Data cleaning and verification is very important to identify the wrong data and change it. We should convert these inaccurate, inconsistency and duplicate data into fresh data and by doing all this, our data will be enhanced and it will be easy to read.

7. Data Transcription: Data transformation is a process in which spoken or handwritten information you have to convert into digital text. In this, you don’t have to use your brain too much, just simply listen to the voice being spoken and keep writing or if any document is given to you, you just have to simply type it in word or anything like that.

8. E-commerce Data Entry: In e-commerce data entry, you have to list the product, set its price and write the description of the product. In this you also have to set the keyboard so that your product appears when buyer enter the keyword in E-commerce sites.

9. Content Management: In content management, you will have to bring content for an organization, edit it and publish the digital content into website or blog or any other platform. And in this way you will have to upload content regularly, manage it and always maintain accuracy. Target your targeted audience to create content accordingly to increase engagement.

10. Remote Data Entry: Remote data entry is a process in which we enter data, manage and update data from time to time from remote locations using softwares. You can do this work from anywhere, you just need to have internet connectivity for this.

Skills Required for Data Entry Jobs

  • Basic Computer Knowledge: For Data entry job, it is very important that you have basic knowledge of computer.
  • Typing Speed: Generally in data entry jobs if your typing is speed is good then you can earn more money because in data entry jobs company wii pay you for each entry of data. Therefore, the better and faster you write, the more the company will pay you.
  • Accuracy: In this job you have to write 100% accuracy. The more accuracy you write the company will give more work. Because all companies want correct and accurate work in the given time.
  • Organizational Skill: Organizational skill means how much ability you have, how efficiently you manage the task, use its resources and in framework you organize the information.
  • Communication Skill: The most important thing in how is your communication skill, as both the forms of communication are used here, Hindi and English. If you are comfortable in Hindi, then look for a Hindi language work or If you are comfortable in English, then look for an English language work, but you should know one of the two well.
  • Time Management: Time management is play a important role in doing any work. If a company gives you work and asks you to complete it on this timeline, then if you complete it on the timeline, you will make an impression in the company and whenever the company has any work, it will directly contact you.

Best Sites for Data Entry?

Here are the some best & genuine sites for Data Entry Jobs:-

  • Fiverr: Fiber is an online market place in which wide range of services are available, you can do any kind of work like digital marketing, programming, editing etc. Fiverr was started in 1 February, 2010 by Micha Kaufman & Shai Wininger. This is a platform in which both buyers and sellers are present. Sellers can get their work done from anyone and buyer can do work for seller to earn money.
  • Upwork: Upwork is a global freelancing platform where you can connect remotely. Upwork give you a lot of tools to work so that you can communicate, Project management, Payment processing and you can do all this remotely. Upwork also allows its clients to post opportunities or projects in which freelancers can put their bids on it those who bids highest project will get into there hands.
  • Freelancer: is an online freelancing platform in which both the seller and buyers are there. Sellers can hire freelancers for their freelancing work in many fields like software development, writing, design, marketing etc. The Freelancer platform offers the ability to communicate, manage projects, secure payment processing and makes it popular for both financing seeking work opportunities and businesses looking to outside projects.
  • Indeed: Indent is a jobs engine and employment website which has listing of jobs in various sources like career opportunities, career, requirement agencies, job boards etc. Anyone who is finding jobs can come to Indeed and search for jobs. To search jobs enter job keywords, enter your location, enter the industry from which you want to do the job and by entering at the time you can easily get a job.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social networking platform which focuses on networking, career development and job searching. LinkedIn invites its users to create a profile, create a digital resume and upload it on their profile and put it in a professional manner. You can also mention your educational qualification, skill & education details etc.
  • SimplyHired: SimplyHired is a job search engine that lists jobs from various sources including job boards, company websites and other online platforms. Same as indeed you have to search jobs to enter job keywords, enter your location, enter the industry from which you want to do the job and by entering at the time you can easily get a job.

Benifits of Data Entry Jobs

  • Zero Investment: Data entry job is a job in which no need any kind of investment. But you can earn a good amount of money in a day without investing any money.
  • Work From Home: In work from home, you do not need to go anywhere to work, rather you can work anywhere at any time and if you are a student then you can work even after college.
  • Skill Development: If you are doing a data entry job, then you will also developed your skills like typing speed, accuracy and proficiency in software tools ( Excel, databases).
  • Flixibility: Data entry job is flexible because you can work whenever you feel like it. It is not necessary that you work the whole day. You can work whenever you are free or you feel that you have to work.
  • Independence: Data entry job in independence because in this you can work anytime means if you are not feeling well today then do not work today.
  • Extra Income: By doing data entry job, you can earn a good income every month because you do not have to devote your whole day to it. You can earn a lot of money by using your free time in this.
  • Job Satisfaction: In data entry job, choose only work which you like to do. This will give you satisfaction in the job and the skill acquired in it will be improved and developed.


In today’s article, I tell you about Data Entry Jobs Work From Home For Student and many websites on which you can do freelancing work, but in today’s time, there are many frauds in it. The frauds will tell you to deposit security money and if you deposit the money, they will block you. That is why do not give any security money to anyone. The trusted sellers will make advance payment to you.

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